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Answers for men with ED

Erectile dysfunction, ED, happens to millions of men for many different reasons. Men just like you. Discover the experiences of men who wanted to recover their sexual health

HARD: The fight to solve Erectile Dysfunction​

Experiencing ED can be frustrating and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. See how four men found a path to feeling whole again in this video series.

After his treatment for prostate cancer led to ED, Cliff felt "devastated" and like he'd failed. Finding a solution brought back "the intimacy - and then some" - that he and his wife, Marilyn, had lost.

For Robert, finding a solution that allowed him to be independent and spontaneous was “the best thing I ever did in my life.” His urologist, Dr. Singh, says men who receive a penile implant are “probably the happiest patients that I have.”

Lawrence had ED for years and battled feelings of isolation. After he confided in his urologist and found treatment, he “felt proud” and only wished he’d done it sooner.​

When Richard started experiencing ED, he hid it from his wife, Maria, by using pills. But when the pills stopped working, he finally opened up to her and together they found a solution.



You are not alone – an ED story like yours

There is hope for every man with ED to regain the confidence and control to enjoy an active, satisfying sex life.

Dave- Finally I feel back to my old self, back to who I was before I had prostate cancer.

Daniel - I feel like I am 100% man again.