Answers for men with ED

Erectile dysfunction, ED, happens to millions of men for many different reasons. Men just like you. Dr. Dean Knoll helps patients find the answers they need.

You are not alone – an ED story like yours

There is hope for every man with ED to regain the confidence and control to enjoy an active, satisfying sex life.


Dave – Finally I feel back to my old self, back to who I was before I had prostate cancer. 

I tried pills, pellets, injections and a vacuum pump. 

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) happens to millions of men for many different reasons. Men just like you. Dr. Dean Knoll helps patients find the answers they need.

Marilyn – ED from a woman’s perspective. Partners are not always aware that a loved one has ED. Hear how Marilyn supported her husband during his journey to find a solution for his ED.

Herschel – what men with ED need. Men with sexual problems may feel they have lost their manhood, but it takes your manhood to deal with those sexual problems.


My marriage was falling apart. She was angry, I was frustrated. I didn’t know what to do.

My ED came on suddenly and I didn’t know how to deal with it.

Living with ED after prostate cancer surgery, I felt alone and was desperate for a solution.


Going through it together lets you learn about each other in a new way.

She was uncomfortable with the subject but she cared enough about me to find an answer for our relationship.

When you don’t understand your differences, it’s hard to know how to help each other.


After years of failed ED treatments, he learned about a solution that changed their lives.

Oral meds gave me horrible headaches, but i found hope to keep searching.

I tried every treatment out there and the one that ended up working for me was the penile implant.

Injections didn’t work. I had no clue what to do next.

Don’t wait. If i had to do it again, i would not wait 8 years after prostate cancer surgery to get my implant.

I tried pills, a vacuum pump, and injections. It wasn't until i got the penile implant that i found the solution for my ED.


It was pretty obvious with the penile implant, that the other options were incomplete.

I made my own decision but they confirmed my choice.

Length and girth cylinder expansion options led the way to my implant choice.

We found the penile implant was best for our relationship.

During my 6 years of treatments, I saved for the penile implant. I knew that was my solution for ED.


Even as a reporter and tv host of programs on diabetes, it took me years to understand that my diabetes caused my ed, and that there was hope.

The penile implant brought back joy and confidence and everything that is normal.

It’s not just about being able to perform, it’s knowing that I can whenever i want.